NEU von UNO ESL Electronic shelf label

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UNO marking systems is giving pricing solutions contend with the increasing demand in quality and variety required by worldwide buyers at the most compatible prices coupled with excellent services by industry’s leading professionals. Being a solid exporter, we can bring in expertise, support & control over product prices due to variation prices & product quality by ensuring consistent high quality.

We are delivering a complete end-to-end package , development & delivery through strong market support, efficient quality control systems, delivery fulfillment at the most competitive prices. All is being done under one management control. And we act as your man on the spot.

Strength & Distinction:

We are primarily specialized in pricing systems methods . We cover wide range of pricing solutions.
We have the possibility to provide OEM (private label) to our customers, and we are constantly developing more to keep a pace with the needs of our customers.
Experience & Working:
Our merchandising and quality team has extensive work experience which combined sales and manufacturing of more then 20 years in total, working with international leading distributors, and many others.

Soon: Uno ESL 200 RF for big surfaces retailer and supermarkets.